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LaserSlim Program

LaserSlim weightloss programLike the steps in this waterfall, the LaserSlim program consists of 5 steps that address all aspects of weight control and healthy lifestyles:

  • 10 laser treatments of acupuncture points (no needles)
  • 26 in-office CVR sessions (Creative Visualization and Relaxation)
  • 6 monthly coaching sessions
  • 21 health/nutrition sessions/classes (1 per week)
  • Healthy lifestyle diet book with recipes and DVD

The laser acupuncture treatment helps reduce cravings, curbs appetite, and fosters a general feeling of well being and increased energy.

LaserSlim Program for Weightloss 101_0101

The CVR sessions address the emotional or psychological issues with weight loss. They are very relaxing and create positive new “ingrained habits”, which sets your subconscious in the right direction, and allows you to rehearse how you wish to be.

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The health/nutrition classes teach you how your body works, so you understand what you need to do to foster good eating habits, and the correct nutritional support needed to reduce your weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


THE LaserSlim WAY!