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Allergy Principles

Q. “What are allergies?”

A. From a western medical perspective, an allergy is an overreaction by the immune system. In NAET, allergies are viewed from a holistic perspective, based upon Oriental Medical principles. An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of one person to one or more substances that may be harmless to the majority of individuals. In the allergic person, the brain views the allergic substance (known as an allergen), as a threat to the body’s well being. As a result of this threat, the brain altars it’s neurological functions and the body’s energy flow patterns. Allergies are the tip of the iceberg. They are symptoms that we can see, that are the result of a change in the normal body homeostasis (balance).

Therefore, for our purposes, an allergy is defined in terms of what a substance does to the energy flow in the body. Allergies are the result of energy imbalances in the body, leading to a diminished state of health in one or more organ systems.

When contact is made with an allergen, it causes blockages in the energy pathways called meridians. To put it another way, it disrupts the normal flow of energy through the body’s electrical circuits. This energy blockage causes interference in communication between the brain and body via the nervous system. This blocked energy flow is the first step in a chain of events which can develop into an allergic response.

Q. “How do I find and treat my allergies?”

A. Conventional western medicine has several methods for testing allergies. These include the “Intradermal test, Patch test, Scratch test,” and various blood tests such as the “Rast test, and the ELIZA test.” These can identify dozens of allergens from one test or from one blood sample.

The standard treatment is drug therapy using either antihistamines or steroids to control allergic symptoms. Unfortunately, this does not correct the underlying problem, and often the allergy sufferer experiences serious long-term side effects.

The most effective treatment option until now has been complete avoidance of the offending allergen(s). This can be difficult and in some cases impossible. Now, however, there is an alternative… NAET, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques.

Q. “Traditional allergy testing and treatments are painful and expensive. Is there a way I can get rid of my allergies permanently?”

A. Yes! By testing and treating with the Nambudripad’s Testing Techniques (NTT)! This revolutionary approach is particularly relevant for dealing with allergies, one of the most stubborn health problems facing mankind today. It is a natural, drugless, painless, non-invasive method that can be used safely on a newborn infant, on the elderly, even on a healthy person to treat hidden allergies that could cause disease in the future. It can be used on pets, invalids, children, and even patients in a coma. NAET can permanently eliminate allergies to the items treated by this method.

With this technique allergens are cleared (treated) one at a time, in a specific order. The good news is that following the prescribed formula, allowing for the 25 hour avoidance of the treated substance, one session is all it usually takes to permanently eliminate an allergy. Highly sensitive individuals may require additional treatments or “combination” clearings.

Q. “A permanent treatment for my health problems really exists?”

A. In most cases yes! At last there is freedom from allergies and ailments arising from allergies.

Dr. Nambudripad’s knowledge in Eastern and Western medicine gave her the insights, which guided her towards the discovery of this unique treatment to overcome her own serious allergic reactions to foods.

In her own words, Dr. Nambudripad tells the amazing story of how she freed herself from life-long allergies and the discovery of NAET, in her book Say Goodbye to Illness. It contains fascinating case histories of a variety of health disorders, as well as some of the theoretical basis for her technique. This book is highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to find relief from allergies, and/or anyone with a chronic health problem.