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FAQ’s About NAET

Q. What are NAET treatment procedures, and how does it work?

A. After diagnosis has been completed using simple muscle response testing to identify the allergens involved, a systematic treatment procedure is begun in which the central nervous system is mildly stimulated in the presence of each allergen, in order to reprogram the brain with the new more balanced message. Most patients can successfully be treated by acupressure around the spine to stimulate the nerves which convey messages to and from the brain, going to the organs and other tissues all over the body.

Q. You said “most patients”. Does this mean that acupuncture needles may have to be used in some cases?

A. Many patients can be cleared of their reaction/allergy, upon initial treatment with acupressure alone. However, there are those who may require several treatments before clearing is accomplished. The addition of acupuncture techniques (we do not use needles in Dr. Kelly’s office) in some cases has proven beneficial in speeding up the process.

Also, the number of treatments required for clearing an allergen may vary, not only between patients, but also between different allergens with the same patient. Generally speaking the more severe the patients reaction to a substance, and the longer they have had this sensitivity, the greater the likelihood that more than one treatment will be required for clearing.

Q. Is the acupuncture painful?

A. No. It is only slightly uncomfortable to some people. As stated earlier Dr. Kelly does not use needles. He does us a laser-tens instrument. Most people feel a buzzing/prickly sensation, but it is not painful.

Q. Will I be completely cured of my allergies?

A. Eighty to ninety percent of the patients treated so far by NAET have experienced complete relief from their allergic symptoms to the item for which they nave been treated. Most of them report that contact with previously troublesome foods or environmental substances no longer cause adverse effects.

Q. How long will it take before I experience this degree of success?

A. The total length of the treatment program varies greatly from one individual to another, depending upon the number of specific allergies, the overall intensity/severity of the allergic response, and the length of time suffering from the allergies. It may take from 10 to 40 visits depending on your condition, to notice significant results. For best results, usually just one allergen (or group of closely related allergens) should be treated per office visit.

Q. Will my medical insurance pay for the treatment?

A. Insurance companies pay to treat symptoms according to medical terms, they do not pay to treat the cause. NAET treats the cause. So it is not a usual and customary treatment as defined by insurance companies for them to pay. Sometime in the future we may be able to convince the insurance companies to pay for the NAET treatments. Dr. Nambudripad is currently working on this.