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Laser Pain Control

Laser Pain Control

Theralse – Healing at the Speed of Light



What is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy or ‘Theralase Therapy’ is a 21st Century treatment methodology that allows practitioners to stimulate body regeneration at the cellular level.

The Theralase laser treats both chronic and acute conditions and is FDA approved by a double-blinded clinical study. Laser therapy has been proven in over 2,000 published clinical studies world-wide and continues to be at the leading edge of modern medicine.

How does the Theralase heal your injury?

The Theralase laser delivers two colours of light to the cells in an injured area. The cells absorb the light energy and convert it into chemical ‘food’ energy which the body uses to regenerate new cells. The accelerated rate of cell regeneration produced by the newly absorbed chemical energy provides a patient with a faster recovery time and less downtime.

(Refer to the ATP video on this page for a visual of how Theralase red light heals injured muscle tissue).

What are the benefits of Theralase treatments over other treatment options?

Theralase is a non-toxic, non-invasive treatment tool. Unlike medications and surgical procedures, the Theralase has the unique ability to heal injuries at the cellular level, thus accelerating the natural healing cycle rather than masking pain.

The patient should not feel any discomfort while being treated.